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Illinois Concealed Carry 3 Hour renewal class

3 Hour Concealed Carry for Illinois

As a Concealed Carry permit holder for Illinois you are required to take a 3 hour renewal class.

The 3 Hour class may be taken at anytime after you have taken the 16 hour class.  The certificates do not have an expiration.

We have now added the class to our calendar.  If you have any special requirements please contact us.

The cost for this class will be $60.00 that will include the range fee if you are using the outdoors shooting area but not if weather forces us indoors.  If we shoot indoors then a range fee will be added.  (We want to keep the cost down so we will shoot outdoors when possible.) Cost does not include the 30 rounds min you will be required to shoot.  Plan to bring some extra ammo as we like to shoot too and will plan to stay and shoot extra after class is over.

The class consists of 2 hours in class and 1 hour at the range. 

After you qualify you will be given a certificate that will be required to upload to the Illinois State Police website.  If you need this form scanned and email to you we will be happy to do that as well.  The State Police have said you will not be able to apply for your renewal prior to 90 days prior to it expiring.  

At the end of class if you are in your renewal period we can help you renew if you have your user name and password for the website.

Any questions please use the contact us email link or call 847-595-0870

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